About Us

My name is Roger Revenaugh

I'm the owner of littlegreenbuildings.com. We make 80 to 384 sq.ft. kit buildings using S.l.P.s (structural insulated panels). They are the greenest, most energy efficient little buildings out there. They are 2 to 3 times stronger than traditional stick framing. We use marine-glued plywood, no O.S.B. Rough Douglas fir outside and smooth inside. No need to side, insulate, or sheet rock. Just paint or stain. Our panels arc precision cut & clearly marked with easy directions. We have designed a unique truss & rafter system that makes for a fast, easy build (Not shown on web ).

I was originally involved in designing and selling small custom stick built sheds to small 800 square foot to 1600 square foot houses and small cabins.

Like most people I had never heard of SIPs. When I started to look at traditional stick and batt framing versus SIPs, I was astounded! After pouring through the data on both, I thought why would anybody choose stick framing over SIPs, except for just a simple garden shed.

SIPs are stronger, quieter, honest R value, no bugs, no mold, better fire ratings - just a few of the pluses for SIPs construction.

My goal is to supply small, affordable kit buildings that are easily assembled with the added feature being able to take it apart and move it somewhere else.

Our manufacturing team spent many hours refining our SIPs panels. Anybody that can use a screw gun can assemble our smaller buildings.

We are a small company. Customer satisfaction is a top priority. If there is a problem in the field, one of our production staff will be more than happy to help solve the problem.

- Roger Revenaugh, President




Take a glass of water, place it in a 96 sq. foot building with our 4 walls, floor and roof with a 100 watt light bulb in zero degree Fahrenheit outside temperature - How long would it take the water to freeze?  Probably never!!

Structurally insulated panels polystyrene pressure bonded between marine glued plywood sheets.
  • Constant R-Values
  • Stronger! Quieter!
  • No Bugs! No mold !

32 square feet to 400 square feet