We work with several responsible trucking companies.  Shipping is out of Port Angeles, Washington.  Prices vary widely with location and size of the load.  We also have some innovative ways to reduce the price of shipping. 

We photograph every load as its being loaded.  We cannot be responsible for stolen or lost materials or misuse of the materials we provide.

The buyer is responsible for inventory check upon delivery.  Be sure to provide safe dry place for storage of your building package if not building right away.  Be sure to provide job site delivery address and any special requirements for the trucker.

Trucks can be as long as 60 to 70 feet for the larger buildings.


Take a glass of water, place it in a 96 sq. foot building with our 4 walls, floor and roof with a 100 watt light bulb in zero degree Fahrenheit outside temperature - How long would it take the water to freeze?  Probably never!!

Structurally insulated panels polystyrene pressure bonded between marine glued plywood sheets.
  • Constant R-Values
  • Stronger! Quieter!
  • No Bugs! No mold !

32 square feet to 400 square feet